The boarding is in Doca de Alcântara, about 500m after the Orient Museum.

By Car: Take the exit behind the Oriente Museum (Rua da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa), then turn right to the PSP/police street, go through the building “Público” and you will see a parking entry, when inside, take a left and go straight until de end of the Parking, you will be right in front of Gate 3.

By Train: Cascais Line – train stop –> Alcântara-Mar, When off the station, go up the stairs to the river side, you will see the GNR/police station on the left side, take a left after it. Go straight down until you see the “Lisboa Vista do Tejo” store. You will have to get past several buildings, the “público” and also some nightclubs. When you see a wooden store “Confeitaria Nacional” you have walked to much, Gate 3 is just before it.
–> (+/- 10 min by walk).

By Bus: 728, 732, 760, 720, 738, 201- bus stop –> Cais da Rocha (Museu Nacional Arte Antiga), you will see on the other side of the street the stairs of Santos and the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga. When off the bus, go across the train line to the river side and then turn to your right, take a 5 minute walk and you will see the “Lisboa Vista do Tejo” store, the entrance is right after the store.
–> (+/- 5 minutes walk).

By Tram: 15E 18E- tram stop–> Cais da Rocha (Museu Nacional Arte Antiga)

GPS: 38°42’10.1″N 9°09’55.1″W

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24h available
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